Swim responsibly and follow our Pool Rules for safer swimming

please follow the Swimming Pool User’s Safety Code


1. Spot the dangers

Take care, swimming pools can be hazardous.
Water presents a risk of drowning, and injuries can occur from hitting the hard surrounds, or from misuse of the equipment.
Every pool is different, so make sure you know how deep the water is, and check for other hazards such as wave machines and steep slopes into deep water etc.

No diving - maximum depth 1.2m deep end. This is not a dive pool.

No glass, food or alcohol to be brought into the pool premises.

No jewellery to be worn

The Fast Lane stream must not be used by young children or non-swimmers.


2. Always swim within your ability

Never swim after a heavy meal or after alcohol. Avoid holding your breath and swimming long distances under water.
Be especially careful if you have a medical condition such as epilepsy, asthma, diabetes or heart problems.

Follow advice provided for the safety of yourself and others.
Avoid unruly behaviour which can be dangerous: for instance, running on the side of the pool, diving in from the poolside or steps, ducking, acrobatics in the water, or shouting and screaming (which could distract attention from an emergency).
Always follow the rules, and remember that a moment of foolish behaviour can cost a life.

No overcrowding – maximum number of 7 persons in the pool at any one time.

No large inflatable toys, masks, snorkels, flippers or beach balls to be used in the pool.


3. Look out for yourself and other swimmers

It is safer to swim with a companion.
Keep an eye open for others, particularly younger children and non- swimmers.

Members swim at their own risk - there is no lifeguard on duty.

No lone swimmers outside of office hours.

Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer in the water with them at all times.

Maximum ratio two children per adult.


4. Learn how to help

If you see somebody in difficulty, dial 999 from the telephone provided, which is located in the office and call for help.
In an emergency keep calm and do exactly what you are told.


5. In the interest of hygiene

Please shower before and after using the pool.

No outdoor shoes to be worn in the pool hall or changing area.

Infants and toddlers must wear aqua nappies – if your child has an accident – the pool must be evacuated and closed.
The debris must be removed immediately and a member of staff informed. The pool may need extra purification.


6. In the interest of other users

My Swimming Pool members: please leave the water before the end of the pool session.

Private members: 1 hour includes changing time.

Please leave the changing rooms in good order.

In the event that a piece of equipment is broken and/or faulty it should not be used and the fault reported to the management.
Call the office on 01954 230230 or the mobile: 07879 012407.




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