Community Uses

Private ~ Affordable ~ Warm

Public swimming baths struggle to meet the swimming and exercise needs of many people. My Swimming Pool's aim is to provide a private swimming alternative for individuals and groups within the community, swimmers who are unable and cannot use public swimming pools. My Swimming Pool is tailored to meet the needs of a variety of groups:

Special Needs enjoy specialist facilities with friends and family in a supporting environment.

Body Image if you feel you need to lose weight or just do not enjoy being with others in a public swimming pool. My Swimming Pool gives you your own private space to exercise.

Pensioners can swim with friends and family in a warm tranquil environment. 

Parents and Babies specialist warm water swimming pool providing a peaceful safe space for you to introduce them to the water.

Adults and Children can learn to swim in a private, warm swimming pool.

Families a private swimming pool enables families to spend quality 'play time' together